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A Brazilian cheats site for CS: GO and CrossFire has copied your site (maybe they are scammers).

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by weeDzxp, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. weeDzxp

    weeDzxp is a verified member.weeDzxp New Member Verified

    @Cra0 @sufficey @Boe I do not know if this is useful and if the template was made by you (I think so), the site link is in the 2nd image if you want to do something about.

    The real:

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  2. AdamoJ

    AdamoJ is a verified member.AdamoJ Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    Damn yo that site is identical
  3. Cra0

    Cra0 is a verified member.Cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified cVision Subscriber CSGO League CSGO PUBG - Subscription R6 - Subscription PUBG - Entry

    Thanks for making us aware of this.
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  4. AllzEz

    AllzEz is a verified member.AllzEz Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    lol rekt they are already down hahahahahaha!
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