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Apex Legends / Site Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cra0, Mar 31, 2019.

Should cVision Apex be a reality?

  1. Yes

  2. Maybe

  3. No

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  1. Cra0

    Cra0 is a verified member.Cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified cVision Subscriber CSGO League CSGO PUBG - Subscription R6 - Subscription PUBG - Entry

    Hello everyone!

    I've been pretty distant from cVision recently due to transitioning into a full-time position at a software tech company I'm working for so you may of noticed the lack of content or updates or posts. I'm still here though not dead :)

    So lets talk about Apex Legends, I've been lurking around this game deciding whether to make some product for it or not. I have tested my loader software and it is compatible with the game which is good, now all that is left is development of a cheat :D.

    I'm looking for some engagement from you guys if I should develop something and what features you guys/girls want to see included.

    Let me know your comments and suggestions below, I want to get back into developing since recently full time work has zapped the motivation out of me for reverse engineering.

    ;) Looking forward to the replies.
  2. cVision_CN

    cVision_CN is a verified member.cVision_CN Moderator Verified Authorized Reseller PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    Aimbot and chams !
  3. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg is a verified member.Blitzkrieg Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    The game is free so why not.

    Basic stuff like :
    Aimbot or Triggerbot
    2D ESP boxes
    Visibility Check
  4. Zaschwynn

    Zaschwynn is a verified member.Zaschwynn New Member Verified

    Not sure if possible but ESP that takes into account your current level gear. IE: you are equipped with a level 2 shield level 3 backpack and a R-99 WIth level 2 mag. Meaning ESP takes into account what gear you have and filters anything lower level than it.
  5. KillaBoi

    KillaBoi is a verified member.KillaBoi New Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    Yes please, this will be so awesome!
  6. grappata

    grappata is a verified member.grappata Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    this will be easy job for cra0 please make HWID spoofer too so that i can play apex again LUL
  7. JonK

    JonK is a verified member.JonK Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    Make it simple..
    Esp as usual
    Aimbot with where to aim and smooth aim to make it looks legit
    Button to trigger the aim.
    Screw the items loot.. Ignore em, u can kill anyone with crappy gun in this game, Mozambique!
  8. jonakn

    jonakn is a verified member.jonakn New Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    An Apex cheat from Cra0 would be awesome! All I'd look for is triggerbot, activated by holding a button. The game is easy, easy to see people and easy to kill people. Very popular too.
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