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cVision - CS:GO Cheat Sales Thread

Discussion in 'Sale Threads' started by Hyper, Apr 26, 2016.

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  1. Hyper

    Hyper Active Member Verified Beta Candidate cVision Subscriber CSGO BLOPS3

    About cVision - CS:GO:
    cVision - CS:GO has been in development for 2 years and it is finally ready for release. cVision is an external RPM (Read Process Memory) ONLY Hack which greatly decreases the detection vectors for many anti-cheats. This cheat will give you all you need to dominate your opponents and stay safe in the process.

    Supported Operating Systems:
    (64-Bit Only)
    (The Hack is external and is an overlay. Visuals require the game to be run in Windowed Fullscreen!)

    Anti-Cheat Support:
    [​IMG] VAC3 Safe
    [​IMG] SMAC
    [​IMG] CEVO Safe (Non visuals)
    [​IMG] FaceIT Safe

    - Aimbot FoV
    - Aimbot Smoothing
    - Aim Key
    - Aimspot Selection (Head/Neck/Chest)
    - Move Prediction
    - No Lock
    - Aimbot Vis Checks
    Also Includes Rage Capabilities.

    - Trigger Key
    - Different Trigger Methods (Incross, Hitbox)
    - Trigger Hitgroups

    - Sound ESP + Sound Filter
    - Recoil + Sniper Crosshair
    - 2D Boxes
    - 3D Boxes
    - Draw Names, Weapon, Health
    - Draw Last Location
    - Aim Lines
    - Snap Lines
    - Bones + Bone Joints
    - Hitboxes
    - Aim Dots
    - Chicken ESP
    - Team Check

    - Recoil Control System
    - RCS Velocity Cut-Off
    - Hitmarkers
    - GOTV Viewer Notification
    - Bomb Detonation Notification
    - AutoAccept
    - Bunnyhop
    - Spectator List

    - In-Game Menu GUI
    - Load/Save Configs


    Menu Screenshots:



    1 Month Subscription - $14.99 USD / Month
    3 Month Subscription - $35.99 USD / 3 Months
    6 Month Subscription - $62.99 USD / 6 Months
    1 Year Subscription - $107.99 USD / Year

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