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dismay's Honest Review

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by dismay, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. dismay

    dismay Member Verified

    Aimbot - 8/10
    Very VERY legit for low fov aimbot. High FOV isn't very great in my opinion, the aimbot is quite hard to get perfect settings, and messing with prediction can make you very sus even with low fov settings. When I used other cheats on Faceit, I would be demolished by cvision users.

    Ragebot - (3/10)
    I don't care about this, but it's a nice added feature. I wouldn't buy cvis just for raging, actually, that should be the last thing on your mind.

    Triggerbot - (-/10)
    I don't use trigger, but the maybe 2 times I have, it seems legit. And what I can remember, it works on Faceit.

    Visuals - (9/10)
    "walls" itself is excellent. The visual sound esp (See sounds) is one of the most OP visuals I have ever seen for a legit cheat. I would make this a 10, but there are some bugs still. But overall, if you dont want to wall, try using Sound ESP.

    Security - (-/10)
    I trust cra0 a lot. He has proved time and time again that he's on top of the pyramid. Even that the loader was detected, he spent months creating cvision from scratch. I stay away from talking about Security as others should, too.

    Community / Misc - (8-10)
    "omgz why only 8?" This community is really, REALLY small. Small as bithax etc. I think because many people don't give cvision a chance. It's a cheat that needs to grow on you. Once you master your settings, you become a god. But, that takes a few weeks, well at least for me. I have friends that say cvisions aimbot is one of the susses aimbot out there, but they never gave it a chance. Now I'm popping 50 kills with mass reports and never been overwatched. But, seriously, it's a really nice cheat. :)
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  2. Dogger

    Dogger is a verified member.Dogger Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    settings where the toughest part when i was a user too thanks for the review almost the same exact experience
  3. sakki

    sakki is a verified member.sakki Active Member Verified

    Really good review! Great job
  4. JrE88

    JrE88 is a verified member.JrE88 Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    nice and honest review, people can learn from this :)
  5. CoreFighter

    CoreFighter is a verified member.CoreFighter Active Member Verified CSGO League PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    50 bombs! Jeez I hope I don't meet you, I normally keep the max kills to about 30,

    Also yes the community here is very small, and it's literally all word of mouth, also if you google csgo cheats I think cv comes up on page 10 from what I remember
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