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Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions & Payment Information' started by cyLLa, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. cyLLa

    cyLLa New Member


    Is the cheat undetected on EAC? the visuals?

    I seen that it is UD on CEVO and on Stream, so thats why I am asking.
  2. cyLLa

    cyLLa New Member

    Can anyone from the community give me an answer? Im interested in the cheat but I need to be sure if its undetected on EasyAntiCheat
  3. cra0

    cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified Lead Programmer cVision Subscriber CSGO GIS First Assault

    You can not use this on EAC. The league version is private and requires a kernel driver.
  4. Vod

    Vod Well-Known Member Verified

    Anyhow, ... Jamba. Currently It'll be out in a few months I reckon, if you need to know how to bypass your CyberGamer ban. Just inbox me. Already bypassed it.
  5. cra0dev

    cra0dev Moderator Staff Member Verified Beta Candidate cVision Subscriber CSGO BLOPS3 DOTA2 GIS First Assault

    Saw the cybergamer post badluck.
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  6. slaya

    slaya Well-Known Member Verified

    I got banned on CEVO and need to bypass it here in a few. I will be contacting you here sometime.
  7. Vod

    Vod Well-Known Member Verified

    CEVO do HWID, IP and SteamID bans all at once.

    To bypass HWID just change your windows serials key.
    To bypass IP, use a VPN or proxy.
    and of course use a different steam account.
  8. slaya

    slaya Well-Known Member Verified

    Thanks man.. To bypass the IP ban, do I only have to use a VPN when on the client with my new account? Will I have to play with the VPN as well? I have yet to use one for this.
  9. Vod

    Vod Well-Known Member Verified

    Use it when you're launching the client, I don't know if they insta ban.
    Use it while you play of course.

    Ask @Boe for specifics, he should know