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My Final Review of CVision

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by BenJ, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. BenJ

    BenJ is a verified member.BenJ Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    I enjoy the visuals of this cheat as they're very clean and simple and have much adjust-ability to them to suit your needs, such as Weapon ESP icon or name, Hitmarker[Misc] are great, but sometimes they didnt work for me.
    Aimbot is really good but can take a fair amount of a configuring. On your screen[Atleast from my experience] it doesnt look too legit, but when i go back and watch it in GOTV it looks really legit.
    First game, no fear of vac. From I've heard of Cra0 he's a great guy and I've spoken to him a tiny amount and he seems so nice, From what i've spoken to him he Isn't an ass who thinks the world owes him something because he is good at something, he is really good at what he does, and honestly i recommend this cheat, insane amount of features, Maybe not, insane amount of support and security, yes indeed 10/10

    Triggerbot (9/10)
    I used it against bots and it worked fairly well, not amazing but for an external cheat really amazing

    Community - (10/10)
    Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, and I'm here to help anyone who needs any, and i know that any of the staff will be also.
    Loader SetUp - (9/10)
    Simple as hell, a few clicks and you're away to csgo cheat safe heaven. I didn't understand the Ring0 Driver stuff, but after abit of a searching Tomodachi's video really helped me in understanding if it's needed or not.
    Overall about two/three weeks - (8/10)
    I had alot of errors at first which i fixed by uninstalling the game and steam, so not cvision's fault as far as i know. I unforunately am going to have to leave the CVision community. I'm not sure if permanent or what, but i can not play in Matchmaking, even on prime i cant seem to clutch rounds[Not because im bad or anything of the sort] simply because of blatant hackers, And i would play FaceIT but im tagged, meaning i need to download the client. So would i reccomend CVision? Yes definitely for how legit it is, and for the security.
    Goodluck to everyone doing what they're doing.
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