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My Initial Impressions of CVision

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by inkithan, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. inkithan

    inkithan Member Verified

    I just bought the cheat 3 days ago, so these are subject to change, and I'll post a final review after a few weeks of using the cheat, but these are my thoughts on the cheat so far.

    Ease of Use (5/10) - I personally find it quite frustrating having to restart PC before using the cheat again. Once I inject into a process and open steam and csgo and play, If i were to close the cheat, then I have to close everything again. If i try inject again without restarting my PC, it comes up with an error message. So every time I want to re-inject, it's quite a hassle to get back into the game. I also get error messages sometimes, and have to restart the cheat a few times before it works properly.

    Visuals (7.5/10) - The Visuals are mostly good and include a lot, which I can appreciate, but the culmination of Weapon ESP, bomb ESP, and all the player boxes in a server result in a lot of clutter on my screen, which definitely affects how I play. Personally, while there's nothing wrong with box ESP, I'd much prefer Glow. I think it would be a lot better if we had health bars rather than numbers, as it reduces clutter a lot. Also the icon that appears when a player is scoped in is also much too big. Another problem I experience is the colour of the boxes flicker sometimes, which is kinda irritating. If there's a way to disable Team ESP, that would be great (I know you should be able to set Alpha to 0, but I'm not sure where to find that, and I don't see a saved config in my cheat folder).

    Aim (8/10) - Overall, aim is fairly legit with a low FOV. I like the inclusion of the slider to choose to what extent my aim follows the enemy player. One thing that bothers me when I'm playing is that it often locks on through the edge of smokes and walls, which makes my aim look extremely fishy and usual, especially on pistol rounds. I haven't used/tested the ragebot, so I can't really give an opinion on it.

    Trigger (6/10) - I feel the trigger is the most lacking feature in this cheat. There's no option to alter the delay, and I feel when using it, it looks far too quick and unnatural. I would appreciate a feature which let me pick a max and min delay, and the cheat choose a random delay between the range for each shot. Even a feature to set the delay would be appreciated. Incross also seems far superior, as the other method sometimes doesnt seem to work. Another thing is sometimes, I feel my aim is barely off the aim trajectory line showed to line up the head, but the trigger still doesn't go off even though my aim is clearly on the head of the player model.

    RCS (6.5/10) - While the RCS works extremely well, it also looks extremely un-legit. I was using it in a game immediately, and after firing one single burst with the AK, my teammate called me out for using recoil cheats of some sort. I don't understand how the recoil velocity cutoff feature works, (I'm assuming it stops compensating when the necessary movement exceeds the velocity threshold set, but I'm not sure, as even when I set it to a low value, it doesn't seem to do anything). If you could add a slider to set a % to which the recoil is compensated that would be perfect. Currently, I just can't toggle this feature on, as the way it moves my mouse and its accuracy looks far too un-legit from my POV/spectator POV. I'm not sure if it looks better in demo/replay, but as it is, I'm avoiding using this feature

    Bhop (10/10) - While it does miss the occasional bhop, it looks extremely legit so long as you strafe well, nothing more to be said here.

    Security (11/10) - I don't know what I was worried about, cra0 has a great record with this cheat and others, and the one detection was due to a loader detection, which I doubt will happen again. I'd gladly use this cheat on my main account, and on the rare occasion that something does happen, then so be it, as it's probably not going to get detected in the near future, if it all, and I'd trust cra0 with my main.

    In summary, my biggest gripes with the cheat is the cluttered visuals, and the somewhat restricted triggerbot features. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this cheat to someone, and works well for legit cheating with the GOTV/replay smoothing feature. I just feel the visuals and triggerbot could do with the same, as well as the bspotted method for aim. I'd give the cheat a solid (9/10).

    I'd definitely renew my subscripting with a 3month, if we had glow or chams, something a bit less cluttered than boxes. Even just wireframe would be good.

    PS: If there's something I missed, or I'm simply missing something, and thus giving a feature a lower rating than it deserves, let me know, especially with the box ESP stuff, as I don't get where to put a config file/ I don't see one.
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  2. Vod

    Vod is a verified member.Vod Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    The ease of use, never heard of someone needing to restart their PC to re inject?
    within your <username>_<randomletters> file. Make a shortcut, that shortcut file, click properties, at the shortcut tab, at target put a space after what's said and then add: -nosecuritychecks
    This will let you open and try to inject mid game.
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  3. inkithan

    inkithan Member Verified

    thank you!
    Also do u know how to disable friendly ESP, i.e. set alpha to 0 for it?
  4. strej941

    strej941 is a verified member.strej941 Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    Friendly ESP can be disabled -- in Vision Assistance / ESP Settings there is a tick box that says "No Team ESP"

    Also wanted to jump in on the ease of use thing -- the loader with -nosecuritychecks is great however it isn't for someone who doesn't know what their doing (you sound like you do), but it essentially turns off the checks which prevent you from opening it on an account you don't want it to or with Steam running in the background.

    For ease of use in game if you have glitches or need to reset for any reason, c-vis creates two temporary files inside of the flash drive where you have the loader. One of them is around 2790kb in size or so. This is a quick inject type file, so you if you are experiencing glitches, hit your delete key, go back into the folder and double click that temp file and it should relaunch. This, however, does expire after some time. I'm not sure of the exact, but I think it normally lasts for a few games.

    Hopefully that helps with the ease of use, as to me, this is one of the simplest out there.
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  5. Cra0

    Cra0 is a verified member.Cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified cVision Subscriber CSGO League CSGO PUBG - Subscription R6 - Subscription PUBG - Entry

    This is correct the 3mb file is the cheat polymorphic launcher it will spit out the 2mb file which is the actual cheat you can use that file run/terminate for up to 2hours before you need to launch it again from the loader.

    Idealy yes if you crash or there is a bug press DELETE then you may relaunch the hack fast from the randomly named 2MB file.

    Note the purpose of having two files is to do with how it evades VAC scans. I advice people to generate a new copy from the loader if you can.
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  6. inkithan

    inkithan Member Verified

    Thanks strej and cra0! This definitely helps, as on my own private I have different stuff bound to delete, so by habit I hit it a lot sometimes, which can be really annoying. I'll try to relaunch inbetween games if I do make a mistake, but in a game hard to restart steam and everything.

    Also, @Cra0 do you have any plans on adding chams/glow ESP, as for someone who plays on a stretched resolution box esp and wireframe can just look extremely cluttered and overwhelming, especially with weapon esp, and names, hp, etc showing. I know a few other users I've spoken too also echo that sentiment. Thanks :)
  7. Cra0

    Cra0 is a verified member.Cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified cVision Subscriber CSGO League CSGO PUBG - Subscription R6 - Subscription PUBG - Entry

    If I do add glow esp it won't be for the external version of cVision. Glow requires writing into the game process which goes against my principle for 'external' hack.
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  8. inkithan

    inkithan Member Verified

    I can't find disable team ESP option anywhere, I spent ages looking for it today. Can someone send me a screenshot of where it is in the menu? thanks
  9. Vod

    Vod is a verified member.Vod Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    Should be bottom right side first visuals page.
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  10. inkithan

    inkithan Member Verified

    Thanks, found it, I couldn't see it due to text overlapping, as I was on 4:3 stretched, I think.
  11. Reekblade

    Reekblade is a verified member.Reekblade New Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    Been reading all the reviews. Kind of excited to get verified and get it for myself! If I am to pay, why not pay for a responsive community instead!
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  12. Exoceph

    Exoceph is a verified member.Exoceph Member Verified

    Even if I make a copy where would I keep it, in my flash drive? And another question would injecting hacks from flash drive and then removing the flash drive make a difference?
  13. sufficey

    sufficey is a verified member.sufficey Moderator Staff Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    If by "copy" you mean assembly generated by the loader, it should be automatically located in the same directory as the loader, so usually a flash drive. That's the safest place to keep it.

    I don't believe so, since it'd still be in memory (inside of another process, not it's own) but it can't hurt. If you do this you won't be able to save/load configs.
  14. Exoceph

    Exoceph is a verified member.Exoceph Member Verified

    So if I install the loader and then always launch the hack from a flash drive, then I would be safe
  15. sufficey

    sufficey is a verified member.sufficey Moderator Staff Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

  16. Exoceph

    Exoceph is a verified member.Exoceph Member Verified

    So when launching hacks from flash drive, after launching it, do I have to remove the drive, or it should be attached to the CPU?
  17. sickcell

    sickcell Member Verified

    If your hack is in the flashdrive, then you inject and leave the flash drive in the PC. Don't see any advantages from removing the flashdrive.
    P.S. CPU = Central processing unit (processor). I think you meant PC ;)
  18. Exoceph

    Exoceph is a verified member.Exoceph Member Verified

    Lol the for answer and to point out the stupidity in my question lol haha CPU. Cheers
  19. Vod

    Vod is a verified member.Vod Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    If you pull out the USB, chances are it'll keep working as long as the process you have selected is active.
  20. Exoceph

    Exoceph is a verified member.Exoceph Member Verified

    Do we install it pc or flash drive at first?
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