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Obito Review

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by Obito59, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Obito59

    Obito59 is a verified member.Obito59 New Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    The aimbot is good not perfect but
    I'm sure in the next days / weeks / months
    It will still be improved
    I would liked to see an option to choose between neck head chest

    ESP Skeleton is awesome work great
    ESP cars work good
    ESP LOOT work, I would have liked to have an option to see that the best loots only for the moment we see all the loots even the dresses

    (10/10 if we have a option for see only best loot maybe in the futur !! )

    Loader it's awesome and really gives you the impression that it's a pro work
    I had no problem throwing it by me for the first time

    my English is bad so I hope you can read me

    best regards,

    A special thanks for, Shades and Cra0
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