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PUBG cVision Review

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by Teufel123, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Teufel123

    Teufel123 is a verified member.Teufel123 Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    so.. after some testing (5 Days by now):

    to the ESP 10/10:
    Everything works. Just like a wallhack should work

    Item ESP 6/10:
    Show the items without problems .. You can turn on/off items (what you want to have displayed and what not)

    However, still only a 6/10 since I'm used to another hack:
    if you pick up stuff for your weapon (attachments) then it's still on your screen.. but i think thats ok^^ so u can tell your mates where they find their stuff [​IMG]

    Aimbot 8/10:
    hmm .. others say you hit "better" up to 400-500m at the moment (before update it was horrible i heard from some other guys), however, I can not really say something about that and also do not know how the aimbot was before ^ ^. Either my settings are a bit wrong or I do not know ^^

    Example: Sniper up to ~ 250m is as pure as butter.
    If you are over 300m you hit the opponents but not in the head. If you have looked at the replays, the shots went towards the neck ^ ^ (Yes, the opponents stood still ^^ and as long as they are under 250m you give them headshot even if they run (prediction) )

    As far as the other weapons, I've won every melee fight so far ^^

    Menu 5/10:
    hmmm .. The menu will probably get the worst rating here ^^ Is probably because of the fact that i used some other hacks.
    After each restart of the hack you have to adjust your settings from the beginning (so there are no configs). But if you did that 1-3 times u finish it in 10 seconds ^ ^

    Loader X / 10:
    Do not know what I really should say to the loader ^^
    Hack on USB -> Start .. -> Steam is force closed -> Loads hack -> Start game and go ^ ^

    End 8/10:
    If it stays UD for the next few months I'm happy served ^ ^
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