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rufus's review

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by rufus34, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. rufus34

    rufus34 Member Verified

    aimassist: 6/10
    aimassist is much batter than in other cheats, and looks legit.
    although, there is no option to configure RCS strength which causing
    the player look unlegit when spraying the wall or the enemy..
    another point is that there are no weapon profiles.
    there should be a profile for Snipers pistols and rifles.
    another thing which is very annoying: why the hell RCS stop when you kill the enemy?

    didnt use yet.

    almost never hit from long distance..
    i.e from T spawn in dust to to the long doors, or from T spawn to mid doors, it almost never hit.

    Visuals: 8/10
    I'm using only sound esp which is amazing.
    sometimes it feels like it detects players which are too far away for a legit-
    player to hear, If its possible, you should add an range option(how far away will it detect sound).

    RCS: 6/10
    it is perfect if you look for a perfect recoil.
    but there is no option to configure it's strength as I mentioned in the aimassist part.

    I like this cheat, its pretty good(although there are some things to improve as I mentioned above).
    feels secure and professional.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
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  2. shade

    shade Member Verified

    Great review feels like it is one of the more honest ones I agree with the triggerbot to. Although it works on faceit so i love it anyway!(first cheat i've found with a working trigger for faceit i did not do much research but it is a bonus)
  3. Seiren

    Seiren Member

    I agree with the RCS, it would be great to add 'noise' to the aim to make it more legit or 'humanised'.
  4. Z3LKS

    Z3LKS Active Member Verified

    Honestly the RCS is fine it may feel weird / look weird on your screen but if you watch it on a 32Tick Demo or just from another POV it looks normal. Also the reason why the trigger doesn't work from that distance is because it is InCross but there is an option for hitbox but i would suggest only using that on faceit.
  5. rufus34

    rufus34 Member Verified

    I am using hitbox.
    30 bullets from ak47:
    looks too good from this range.

    it wont look suspicious as far as you dont spray walls.
    and yet I think there should be an option to configure recoil control strength.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
  6. Z3LKS

    Z3LKS Active Member Verified

    @rufus34 do you play matchmaking or faceit? and to be honest you can turn RCS off. there is an in built RCS with the aimbot.
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  7. rufus34

    rufus34 Member Verified

    Matchmaking. And rcs is still on with aimassist.
    And I also dont always use aimassist so I need rcs.
  8. quickfire911

    quickfire911 New Member Verified

    owh my god, this is just getting me excited!! hopefully i get verified
  9. rover200vi

    rover200vi Active Member Verified

    Honestly I think you are being to hard on the aimbot, for a legit looking aimbot I think you are being way to hard. I have tried hexui and if you turn on FaceIt mode the aimbot is completely trash in my opinion. Also if you look at the reviews for Leaguemode I would say it does far worse then Cvision. Sure I might like the idea of the customizability that the bomb csgo hardware aimbot has for example but that cheat is a bit more expensive and has far less features.

    For such a high security cheat that works fine in FaceIT with all the aimbot features as well I would definitely rate the aimbot closer to a 9/10. And I would rate the rage aimbot a 10/10 just because it is simply amazing for an external hack to be this accurate. I even wreck internal ragebots sometimes with it I would have never expected such performance to be honest with you.
  10. rufus34

    rufus34 Member Verified

    Today I was accused for using recoil macro and I didnt even carry..
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