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Swiss review 1/3/2017

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by Swiss, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Swiss

    Swiss is a verified member.Swiss Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    Aimbot - (10/10)
    Pretty nice legit bot. Got to masters in faceit, and ge in mm with it. 2.5 kd in faceit so its pretty nice. I was also never called out
    Ragebot - (6.5/10)
    I mean, its not good. Its not bad either. Really serves no purpose other than raging against legits as the trigger bot is better in hvh

    Triggerbot - (5/10)
    Gets half points because only half of it works

    Misc - (10/10)
    Hitmarkers are cool

    Visuals - (10/10)
    Yea Yea, visuals is nice to have custom options and sound esp isnt my thing but I see how it could help

    Security - (0/10)

    1 VAC ban on record | Info
    0 day(s) since last ban
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
  2. slaya

    slaya Guest

    Best cheat I have used hands down.. but vac banned as well.
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