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VAC3 Disabler

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by cra0, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. DNC_007

    DNC_007 New Member Verified

    Ohhhh okay thanks for letting me know :D I cant wait till its out im really looking forward to using it :p
  2. Peoplehate

    Peoplehate New Member Verified

    HMU if you need some Accounts to test with, could test too, got about 10 Alts im not using tbh

  3. cra0

    cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified Lead Programmer cVision Subscriber CSGO GIS First Assault

    Guess now is the best time to test run this
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  4. Vod

    Vod Well-Known Member Verified

    just a tad. bol
  5. slaya

    slaya Well-Known Member Verified

    @cra0 if you want to test it... give me a shout. I have an extra account i'd be willing to throw away.
  6. blur92

    blur92 Member Verified

    loool now all accounts are banned VAC. RIP VAC3 Disabler
  7. Vod

    Vod Well-Known Member Verified

    Never seen you with the tag for a sub.... also "rip vac3 disabler" ... it's not even out
  8. Hx878gjkghklg

    Hx878gjkghklg Well-Known Member Verified cVision Subscriber CSGO

    VAC Disabler is the wrong term that suggest you to think VAC is disabled but it's not. It gets detoured and get the right Hashes for the right in Memory Section. This method has already be public for Blizzards Warden Anti Cheat I would reference here. Because this completely makes Warden useless. And Blizzard hits cheat Providers with Lawsuits to make them stop selling their cheats.
    If you disable VAC by cutting the Connection to the VAC System IP Based you get kicked after at least 30 seconds. :)
    So there is only the way to deal with VAC at anytime! You have to handle it with respect and maybe feed it sometimes with the right input ;-)
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