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Verification Process - All In One

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cra0, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Cra0

    Cra0 is a verified member.Cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified cVision Subscriber CSGO League CSGO PUBG - Subscription R6 - Subscription PUBG - Entry

    Since a lot of interest has raising about cVision I'm making this post to make clear the information required for verification to be able to purchase and use cVision, please read through the whole thread if you wish to be verified for all our cheats available.

    Let me also make this clear we DO NOT offer trials anymore.

    Warning if we find you are providing false information your account will be banned immediately along with your IP address from this site.

    In order to be verified you must provide the following information (if any) the more information you provide the higher chance for verification.

    1. Name/ID - You must provide your full name, this must also include your paypal full name if you are using another paypal account which doesn't have your name. Providing an ID card such as a passport/driver license/student card will set your chances of verification very high, almost immediately. It is however not mandatory
      1. Providing ID in the correct manner is important, we expect you to take a picture of the identification document being held up next to your monitor that has the website loaded on screen with your user account logged in.
    1. Country of Origin - Which country are you from (USA/Sweden/Russia/Australia/China).
    2. Brief Summary - A brief summary of why you should be verified and what you hope to achieve from using cVision
      • (example: I want to cheat on FACEIT (CSGO))
      • (example: I want to cheat in PUBG)
    3. Past History - If you have signed up on common sites such as UnknownCheats/D3Scene/Hackforums/ElitePVP your profile links from those
    4. Past Payment History - If you have purchased another cheat in the past, you should screenshot the invoice or paypal transaction history for that purchase. Upload these to a secure private image hosting service and link the URL in your application.
    5. Referrals - Someone told you about this site? If so provide their username or profile link
      • Example: Authorized Reseller
      • Example: Friend
    6. Steam Account - Which steam account you will most likely use this cheat the most.
    All the information you provide above will be kept private. We respect your privacy and if you have any questions don't hesitate to include them in your message.

    Use Verification as the Subject (click below) or email [email protected]

    [​IMG] Contact Page

    You will receive an email confirmation once you are verified.
    DO NOT spam emails to us. We review all emails sent, if you missed providing information you may re-send an email however if we receive a bunch of emails they will most likely be ignored and you will not be verified.
    Usually we send out emails to those who fail the verification however if you don't receive one after two weeks then you have failed the verification process.

    verified_icon2.png Verification Tick
    So some of you have been asking me, 'cra0 why don't I have a verified tick next to my username?'
    This Tick 'Verified' means you have provided photoID and that has been validated when applying for verification after signing up.

    What does this mean?

    Having provided photoID means that we can build a better trust relationship with you and will grant you access to future private versions of cheats.

    How to provide Identification in the correct manner?
    You must provide identification in the correct manner to be verified fully with the tick. This requires you to hold your identification document next to the screen with your CVision user account in the background.
    The photo must also be in high quality that is the text on the ID can easily be readable along with your forum username in the background.

    How to submit PhotoID
    When submitting photoID we suggest emailing [email protected] directly and attaching ID photos as attachments. You can also upload it to a private image host and share the private share URL with us.
    Make sure you are sending your identification to the correct email, we care about your privacy and don't want anyone sending ID to the wrong email, so remember [email protected]

    Why do you require this much personal information?

    Cheating in a league or in a game that has a very active anti-cheat without getting banned isn't easy. The more steps we provide that stop anti-cheat developers or affiliates in getting access to our binaries the safer the customer base is. We want to be able to provide you a product that will keep you safe from bans. This is also required for fraud prevention as those products we offer are priced higher than other products.


    Verification is an important part of our community, we don't just sell software to anyone who comes across us, we want to keep a healthy positive and high quality community of users, submit all the required information and become part of our community today!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  2. jiuu

    jiuu is a verified member.jiuu New Member Verified

    Already upload PHOTOID, hope to be able to apply.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
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  3. BenJ

    BenJ is a verified member.BenJ Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    I might never get the checkmark on twitter or facebook or youtube, but i sure as hell have on CVis ;)
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  4. jacktheshooter

    jacktheshooter is a verified member.jacktheshooter Member Verified

    i also supplied all the things required photo id card etc, hope get that thick soon
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  5. BigDaddy69

    BigDaddy69 is a verified member.BigDaddy69 New Member Verified

    Very fast, took less than a day, thanks :)

    EDIT: First post after the approval, apparently I don't have the tick RIP.
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  6. crazed

    crazed Member Verified

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  7. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg is a verified member.Blitzkrieg Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    This is actually correct. Thanks for fast verifying :3
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  8. Nifty

    Nifty is a verified member.Nifty Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    Yeah boiii
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  9. Miere

    Miere is a verified member.Miere Member Verified

    So true.
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  10. ailikes

    ailikes is a verified member.ailikes Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    I have provided an ID card and why the verification failed.
  11. Cra0

    Cra0 is a verified member.Cra0 Administrator Staff Member Verified cVision Subscriber CSGO League CSGO PUBG - Subscription R6 - Subscription PUBG - Entry

    We never received Identification from you.
  12. ailikes

    ailikes is a verified member.ailikes Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    I already sent it to you.
  13. IDKZAL

    IDKZAL is a verified member.IDKZAL Well-Known Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase PUBG - Entry

    Car0 I hope you don't get AIDs from my Application lol
    It's longer than the Hobbit books
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  14. Exoceph

    Exoceph is a verified member.Exoceph Member Verified

    Then I am good
  15. vegans7192

    vegans7192 is a verified member.vegans7192 Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    Already upload PHOTOID,
  16. eremix81

    eremix81 is a verified member.eremix81 Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    I've just send the documentation :)
    wonderful forum:)
  17. eryk3003

    eryk3003 is a verified member.eryk3003 New Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    @Cra0 accept me i upload photoid
  18. Scary

    Scary is a verified member.Scary Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    havent been on the forum in along time not sure if i have the red check or not
  19. Scary

    Scary is a verified member.Scary Member Verified PUBG - Pre-Purchase

    guess i didnt have it submitted my id hope to get it now :p
  20. nocellera

    nocellera Guest

    i'm not sure if i submitted it right but i provided photo id
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