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Wow absolutely incredible!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by D727, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. D727

    D727 New Member Verified

    Aimbot 10/10 - The aimbot on Cvision is hands down the strongest and most legit aimbot ive ever used. Now mind you ive used many ofther good cheats but this one is mind blowing. The aimbot is so smooth and legit looking that i've literaly forgot i was using it for a few minutes.

    Triggerbot 8.5/10 - Does what it should but needs improvement. I dont use trigger much as im very skilled without cheats so i think it takes away from me.

    Vision Assistance 9/10 - Theres not much to say here its all pretty damn good. Im only giving a 9/10 because theres no chams and id like to see that.

    Misc Features 10/10 - I dont even know what to say. These are very nice misc features and they help out your smart play making big time. Theres all the typical features and more.

    Overall id give Cvision a 9.5/10 Its hands down the best cheat ive ever used. Cra0 you're a god.

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