cVision comes with a range of features that have been implemented over the past year
more and more features are added as development continues.

Development doesn't stop with cVision, new features are added when appropriate and user contribution plays a big part in this procedure. Users can recommend features and if feasible they will be added into the cheat.

cVision - Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Valve Anti-cheat Undetectable

The Dynamic Code Engine along side the read only memory approach guarantees unrivalled security from the Valve Anti-cheat system.

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Easy Configuration

cVision allows you to configure the cheat settings and options through a easy to use mouse supported user interface.

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Cloud Configuration

All your settings will be uploaded and saved to the cloud along side your local config, you may edit them from the webpanel on any browser.

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Screenshot Stream Friendly

Since cVision doesn't hook into your game you can stream, record and take screenshots without exposing yourself, your captures will be clean!

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Built purposely for legitimate aim the aimbot in cVision can be tweaked to your liking. It may also be configured to be very blatant and sharp.

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A triggerbot will fire when an enemy is within your crosshair. cVision's triggerbot supports execution via a key and it may be configured to only fire on the head.

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The Recoil Control System like the name suggests will control your recoil for you. Standing still will result in your shots firing directly at the position you are targeting

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Hit markers

Bringing back the quake, call of duty vibe. Hitmarkers will notify you when you have hit an enemy and is very effective at long range when you are unable to see if you have tagged an enemy.

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Player ESP

ESP or extrasensory perception provides you vision of enemy and friendly players along side with important information such as their health, equipped weapon, name and much more.

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GOTV Viewer Notifier

Stay undetected, get notified if someone is spectating your game.

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C4 Bomb timer

Know how long till detonation of the C4 explosive.

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Dynamic Renderer

Renders elements only when they are at a reasonable eye distance.

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Sound ESP

Sound ESP will draw sound ripples where sound is emitted, you can filter them to only display for players or show them for everything in the world which emits a sound.

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Aimlines draw exactly where a sniper is looking. If an enemy player is scoped in and watching a corner you can tell exactly where their aiming.

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Secure Execution

cVision will secure resources before loading the hack into your computers memory.

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Smart Aim Interpolation

Aim viewangles are smoothed out for when GOTV records the first person view demo.

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Totally external to the game. No hooks. No injection.

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BSP Parsing

Utilizing BSP Parsing, cVision performs external enemy visibility checks without touching the game engine.

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